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For the Wynn

I write to think. Here are my thoughts.

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TestGuild DevOps Toolchain Podcast 2024-03


An overview of Data Pipelines and how they can be useful in Observability
Full Post


The Evolution of Observability Practices 2023 10


Here I facilitate a discussion of the Open Telemetry working group to explore where o11y comes from and where it should go
Full Post

Cisco DevNet 2023-10


A quick chat with Mel Delgado from Cisco DevNet about optimizing data with Observability Pipelines
Full Post


The Unofficial Partner Podcast - Episode 288


A podcast I did on the commercial side of esports with Ryan Snyder
Full Post


Build Inclusive Online Communities at Scale With Advanced Language AI 2022-12

Games | Technology

To create healthy online communities where people want to spend time, companies need better strategies for weeding out harmful posts. How do you break free of one-size-fits-all moderation techniques to stay ahead of harmful content and evolving language?
Full Post


Selling Skepticism Like It's Your Job at DragonCon's 2019's Skeptrack

Philosophy | Productivity

My DragonCon 2019 talk about applying Sales techniques to convincing people to live more skeptically
Full Post

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