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[Technology Personal Knowledge Management] Challenges Showing Text From a Simple JS Function in Logseq

There are some open source projects that are plain, simple, and describe well what they do. curl is the classic example (along with most Linux utilities), but File Converter is another. It does what it does, it doesn’t do what it doesn’t. And then, there is Logseq. All I wanted to do is dynamically create some text from a javascript function that’s different every day. I feel this is doable in there somewhere, but I’m absolutely stumped trying to connect the dots from A to B to make it happen.
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[Technology] VSCode as an MD Editor

So Kev made a post about how Typora was the missing UI link in his static site blogging journey. It got me thinking… can’t VSCode do all that? Is that the linchpin I’ve been missing in my blogging workflow? Time to see if I can recreate his process and tweak it for myself!
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[Technology] MagSafe on iPhone is Wonderful and Should be a Wider Standard

When I was first stranded across the country due to COVID, I was sadly without my sunrise alarm clock (which I will probably use forever at this point). The closest thing I could get without buying a whole new clock was the Pixel Stand, which gave the Pixel a sunrise alarm along with it. The alarm itself was a little finicky, but it took actually putting the device on and off the charger for me to appreciate how nice wireless charging is.
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[Technology] Hidden UI Elements are Bad

I would like to start by saying that minimal design is a good thing. Clutter is objectively bad, and it takes a lot of really difficult work to cram a lot of capability into a smaller and smaller UI surface. I am completely acknowledging that. That said, some gestures on the iPhone can go screw themselves. In particular, whoever decided that swipe up from the bottom but not too much was a good idea should be publicly shamed.
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[Technology] Back to iPhone After 12 Years

This past Memorial Day weekend I woke up to my own Groundhog Day-style disappointment. My Pixel 4 XL’s battery had stopped holding a charge… again… on a third device. Working in technology, I’m used to having things break. I’ve also been a big Android user since the release of the Motorola Droid, sticking with the OS through a fair share of warts and growing pains. But when my phone broke last week in the same way as my other two Pixel devices, causing a Monday morning scramble to the store, I decided maybe it was time to be less of a tinkerer and more of a user again.
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[Technology] I Love Stylish

For those that might not have heard of it, Stylish is an amazing little extension that let’s you add your own custom CSS on top of any website. That might sound dorky and not very useful at a first glance, but I wanted to highlight just two things I’ve done as part of my BASB journey thus far that I’ve found very satisfying.
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[Technology] Moving to

I’m beginning the process of moving my blog to
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[Technology] Creating a POST API for Hugo

As part of my effort to improve the posting flow (and to tinker with GCP tools), I decided to make an api that would allow me to post to Hugo from other clients in the wild. The adventure was… enlightening? Is that what we say at the end of these journeys?
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[Technology] CICD for Hugo: Speeding up the Static Site Flow

As I was putting this site together, I realized there were some boilerplate workflows I wanted to improve.
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