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[Music] Chromatic Harmonica: First Thoughts

After some significant delays, my chromatic harmonicas were finally deliverd. I figured I would record my first impressions here.
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[Music] The First Bend Reconsidered: I Don't Think I Want This

So, I know I’m in danger with this current line of thinking, because changing course just as you start learning something can lead to a lot of errant twists without making any progress. I’ve only just started to learn bending on the harmonica at all, let alone learn to do it well. … But I can’t get the idea out of my mind that I might want to switch to chromatic harp instead. And while I shouldn’t quit before I get a good sense of something, I similarly shouldn’t ignore my own feedback and preferences when other viable alternatives exist. Sure, The grass is always greener on the other side, but there are a few reasons that I’m taking this seriously enough to try a switch.
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[Music] The First Bend: It Has Happened

Though I have attempted to learn harmonica a handful of times in my life, I’ve always given up when it was time to learn bending. I can now proudly say, I have finally produced an absolutely terrible, but absolutely undeniable, bend on the harmonica.
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[Music] Making Harmonica Tabs: The Easiest Way I've Found So Far

As I’ve been learning harmonica, one of the fun things that I’ve tried my hand at a few times is transposing music I like into harmonica tabs. Going the traditional music theory route was fun for a few rounds, but then the tedium started to set in, and I wanted to find other ways of doing it. Enter, MuseScore.
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[Music] Harmonica Week 02

Another week in the books!
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[Music] Harmonica Week 01

I’m aware that it’s dangerous writing too much about stuff that’s in progress, but I’m hoping keeping a weekly-ish account of my thoughts will be more instructive than not. I’m learning the harmonica, in case the title wasn’t obvious.
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